This I Believe

I believe that life is more than just a series of days.
I believe that moments both large and small make us who we are.
I believe that if you wait for the just the “right” whatever, you’ll be waiting forever.
I believe that putting thoughts, dreams and wishes “out there” helps them become more real.

I believe in shopping local and supporting the arts.
I believe in paying a higher price for a unique item from a small business that I want to see stay in the community.
I believe in investing in the quality of something that will last.
I believe that we must always have access to printed books.

I believe in the balance of technology and nature and that both are vital.
I believe in re-envisioning – objects, articles of clothing, lives.
I believe that it isn’t always the amount of food that harms us, but what is in the food.
I believe that communities are more than just people living on the same block or same state.

I believe that it truly does take a village to raise a child.
I believe that mud, scrapes and silly faces are just as vital to childhood as reading, writing and ‘rithmetic.
I believe in not being embarrassed when the neighbors see me turn up the music and dance with my children in the middle of the afternoon.
I believe that the essence of life is connection, exploration and appreciation.


One thought on “This I Believe

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