Edit your home

A reassembled cake plate and simple pennant banner herald the flowers of summer

There are some fantastic photo editing programs out there, whether for your Smartphone, your iPad, your point-and-shoot DSLR. The great thing about these programs is that they allow you to see things in new ways. The photo of you and your sister from the 80’s with the terrible hair can be cropped, colorized, highlighted and refocused to pinpoint in on the little hand that reached out to pinch your derriere just as the shutter clicked. Pictures of babies now even more resemble angelic cherubs with soft-focus halos, just the same way their adoring parents see them.

If only that software could be turned on our own homes. The walls would go from drab, bland spaces to collections pulled together to highlight a quirky interest in squirrels featured in a variety of wall hangings and possibly a table topper or two. Our bedrooms would go from piles of clothes strewn about to calm, restful spaces with a throw oh-so-effortlessly draped at the foot of the bed, just like in the magazines.

We have a tendency to see all of the flaws with the spaces we live in, rather than taking the time to stop and focus on what the heart of the problem is with the picture. Set your viewfinder on one area, look at the various filters that could be applied. The clothes all over? What if you invested in a closet system that would better accommodate those sweaters so they weren’t bulging out of drawers? That would also free up extra drawer space that could be dedicated to the workout clothes you search for in those early morning hours, reducing the need to toss all of the non-workout clothes out of the drawer during your frantic search (bonus #2: 5 more minutes of sleep!). Filter applied!

Take the same approach room by room, or even just on a certain area of a room. Focus on what isn’t working in the space, look at it with a different filter or change in perspective. Can’t get it to work, even in a different place? Maybe it is time to let it go. Highlight those things that make the prettiest picture to you!


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