Leap of Faith = Leap into Life

You’ll have to forgive my absence from the blogosphere this past week. It’s been a kind of crazy few days. During the past few weeks, my family and I have been looking at a few changes we wanted to make to improve the quality of our lives. One week ago, I officially took a leap of faith. I’m leaving my corporate gig, opting for a smaller paycheck, but one with larger payoff in terms of time spent with my children and more in tune with the kind of life I believe in. I’ll be pursuing some dreams, ideas and adventures; leaping into life!

To me, a “leap of faith” is tied closely with something that I mentioned in my very first post here – “I believe that putting thoughts, dreams and wishes “out there” helps them become more real.” By taking our life’s desires and allowing them to bubble up, past the suffocating depths of “what-if”, escaping the tightening grip of our fears, and pushing them into daylight, giving them wings, no matter how small, they will take flight! No matter what size wings they originally had when first released, by feeding them with possibility, that wingspan will continue to grow until at last it can’t help but make us take flight. The leap of faith becomes a flight of life.

Take heart your dreams. Hear yourself out. Give energy, sustenance and desire to what you believe. Remember, a leap of faith begins with a first step.



Weekends were made for sunshine. Weekends were made for laughter and adventures and playing tag and eating good food. Weekends were made for sleeping in and cuddling up. Weekends were made to remind us that life exists outside of weekends, too.

This weekend, I got to be on some great adventures with my children. We went to the Opening Day boat races in Seattle, mesmerized by the cadence of the oars and synchronicity of stroke. We gently cried as the Lorax showed us a world without trees, then rejoiced as the seed of hope began to sprout. We imagined ourselves in all kinds of roles and drew ourselves right into those scenes. We cooked from scratch and tasted the realness of food. We wrestled, colored, danced and read.

I am amazed at the world viewed through the eyes of children! I am amazed even more when I can put aside the adult in me and join in, experiencing first-hand (again) how imagination works.  Having two boys, a lot of mischief around here centers on the cars, bad guys and wrestling sort. My living room can be a jail cell, a battle field, a soccer arena (!!), a house and a distant planet, all in the same afternoon and simply with the adjustment of a cushion here and a way of seeing there.

I highly recommend the next time you hear a little voice pleadingly calling, “Want to play with me, Momma?” you jump up, put on your best cape, and perhaps save the day! You might be surprised with a day or a weekend that will forever be saved in memory banks.

May Challenge

Happy May Day!

Summer is just around the corner. Flowers are blooming, buds are appearing on once-bare branches, moles are popping up in yards in anticipation of tender young shoots to nibble at. If you haven’t already made reservations for many campgrounds, now is the time to seek out the options that remain (most reservable campgrounds open up reservations six months to a year in advance). Even if you can’t get away for an overnight trip, Spring hikes, especially around locations that feed off snow melt, are spectacular!

In fact, I have a challenge for you. Remember those times when you were young, endless hours spent playing outside, getting all kinds of dirty, exploring every nook and cranny you could wiggle into? Spring is the release of pent-up bodies. It is the fresh bursting-forth of life from the Earth. Spring is a time to remember that just outside our windows, the natural world exists. THAT world has been here longer than us and will continue long after we’re gone. Seasons change, and with each change is a new opportunity to focus on the newness of each season, the subtle shift from one mode of life to the next.

Here’s my challenge: One month of getting outside a minimum of three times a week for at least 20 minutes.*

This does not include walking to and from your car. It isn’t the snippet here and there of walking from your office to the coffee shop or taking a smoke break. I hope it would be more than just the time spent begrudgingly mowing lawns or pulling weeds, though if that is your form of enjoyment, it will do. What it is is twenty minutes of just enjoying nature. It is laying back in the grass, examining cloud shapes for animals with your kids or tracking down the frog you hear at dusk each night. It is definitely the hike or camping trip, whether 1 mile or 50. It is embracing even those rainy days with rubber boots and worms abound. Twenty minutes outside, letting nature soak into your skin, feeling the difference between re-circulated, air-conditioned air and what nature uses to tousle your hair. Two times a week (or more if you’re ambitious!) for meaningful interaction with something that isn’t man-made. Your job, your house, your chores – those will still be there when you get back, but nature changes. Go outside! Change with it!

To join the challenge, simply leave a comment. Additionally, track and share your adventures by joining the Facebook page!

*I realize that this challenge may be easier for some than others. For those of you already outside, make a commitment to either a) increase your time (20 minutes too easy? How about 45?) or b) make it your goal to get someone else outside for those 20 minutes! It is a great opportunity to invite the elderly woman down the street to go for a walk, or the friend who you know could simply benefit from some fresh air. The key part of this challenge is that you are consciously focusing on the natural world around you.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
~Khalil Gibran