Weekends were made for sunshine. Weekends were made for laughter and adventures and playing tag and eating good food. Weekends were made for sleeping in and cuddling up. Weekends were made to remind us that life exists outside of weekends, too.

This weekend, I got to be on some great adventures with my children. We went to the Opening Day boat races in Seattle, mesmerized by the cadence of the oars and synchronicity of stroke. We gently cried as the Lorax showed us a world without trees, then rejoiced as the seed of hope began to sprout. We imagined ourselves in all kinds of roles and drew ourselves right into those scenes. We cooked from scratch and tasted the realness of food. We wrestled, colored, danced and read.

I am amazed at the world viewed through the eyes of children! I am amazed even more when I can put aside the adult in me and join in, experiencing first-hand (again) how imagination works.  Having two boys, a lot of mischief around here centers on the cars, bad guys and wrestling sort. My living room can be a jail cell, a battle field, a soccer arena (!!), a house and a distant planet, all in the same afternoon and simply with the adjustment of a cushion here and a way of seeing there.

I highly recommend the next time you hear a little voice pleadingly calling, “Want to play with me, Momma?” you jump up, put on your best cape, and perhaps save the day! You might be surprised with a day or a weekend that will forever be saved in memory banks.


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