Leap of Faith = Leap into Life

You’ll have to forgive my absence from the blogosphere this past week. It’s been a kind of crazy few days. During the past few weeks, my family and I have been looking at a few changes we wanted to make to improve the quality of our lives. One week ago, I officially took a leap of faith. I’m leaving my corporate gig, opting for a smaller paycheck, but one with larger payoff in terms of time spent with my children and more in tune with the kind of life I believe in. I’ll be pursuing some dreams, ideas and adventures; leaping into life!

To me, a “leap of faith” is tied closely with something that I mentioned in my very first post here – “I believe that putting thoughts, dreams and wishes “out there” helps them become more real.” By taking our life’s desires and allowing them to bubble up, past the suffocating depths of “what-if”, escaping the tightening grip of our fears, and pushing them into daylight, giving them wings, no matter how small, they will take flight! No matter what size wings they originally had when first released, by feeding them with possibility, that wingspan will continue to grow until at last it can’t help but make us take flight. The leap of faith becomes a flight of life.

Take heart your dreams. Hear yourself out. Give energy, sustenance and desire to what you believe. Remember, a leap of faith begins with a first step.


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