What do you want?

What do you want from your community? What do you wish for your children, for people everywhere? When I look at where I live, the people in my neighborhood, the friends I’ve made, both new and old, my wish for them encompasses many things:

  • Hope – for the future, for today, for always
  • Change – that helps us all grow and makes us see what matters
  • Health – to be fully immersed in delicious air, water sweet and flowing clear, soil uncontaminated and rich to grow food that bursts with flavor and goodness
  • Thirst for understanding – a need to explore, to ask questions, to try to understand what you do not currently, to appreciate the differences that make us each unique
  • Friendship – to laugh with, cry with, dream with; a net to do more than catch you, to help build you up again when you fall
  • Connections – to know that you are a part of something greater than yourself, to feel deep within your knowing that someone is looking out for you (even if they don’t know you) and that you are looking out for them

There is struggle everywhere it seems. Single parents who want to give their children everything… right after their shift ends at their third job. Families that know first-hand the ailments that make people sick, that can kill, when large corporations are focused only on the dollar, ignoring the toxins they release in their operations. Teachers that began their careers with a passion to change, to make the world better through knowledge, yet slowly get trodden down by a system that fills their classes beyond capacity and forces them to stifle ideas that would encourage young minds to think differently, instead focusing test results, not ideas.

How do we take those struggles and transform them into manifestations of wishes? We connect. We put down our phones, stop capturing the moment and start living it! We ask questions to our neighbors and listen to the answer. We imagine the world we want, then see what we can do to help it on the way to becoming. We teach our children to make eye contact, model respect for them, play with them. You must put mind to the things you wish for.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”