A Little About Me

KathyIn the ninth grade, I was voted “Most Likely to Become an Environmentalist” – a fact that has pretty much remained true all these years later! I’m not picketing huge corporate farms (though have you seen Food, Inc.?), but I have been known to write to the city demanding an explanation to why there are no recycling dumpsters in my apartment complex, amassing my friends and neighbors for Earth Day cleanups, and begging the question at the corporate location where I currently work, “Why did we produce THAT piece on THAT substrate? Have they thought about the impact it will have on the landfills? If I could collect them all when we’re done and repurpose them somehow…” My friends know that anytime I go to the grocery store, I’ll be the one with the packable bags in my purse, ready to be dispensed. They also know that my family, friends and community are everything to me and that every day I wake up asking, “Is this a day I’ll just live through or a day that I will fully live?”

There is a lot of unnecessary waste in the world, much of it stemming from our push to accumulate more and more, when really we could get by with so much less. Less clutter in our lives and homes means that we can strip down life to what really matters – and it may be different for each one of us! For me, I always wonder who decided the 40-hour work week was the way to go. And no, I am by no means an advocate of laziness. But I am an advocate for remembering that while we do have to work to support ourselves, our families, and our passions, it is imperative in building a compassionate, responsible society that we do not get so caught up in work that we forget to notice the world spinning by outside our cubicle walls. Children need watering, vegetables need walking (to deliver to a neighbor or food bank), inspiration needs to be gathered.

I am the mother of two young boys and wife to a wonderfully supportive man. I love beautiful things, from home design to cooking and crafting. I strive to live more in tune with nature and the daily celebration of life through the beauty that surrounds us by things both living and inanimate. My ultimate desire for my purpose in this life is to create connections with people by fostering a sense of community and to help remind us all not to loose focus on what really matters.


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